Sewage treatment plants and pumping stations inspected: Not so good


Officers from Yamuna Task Force (YTF) inspected the functioning of the Sewer Treatment Pumps (STP) flowing in Yamuna. They found that the old STP at Pagal Baba and a new STP at Panigaon road are not functioning as expected. They have instructed the Municipal Corporation and the Water Board to make the STPs functional within 10 days.

Saturday evening, petitioner Gopeshwarnath Chaturvedi along with Ravindra Kumar (ADM, Revenue and Nodal Officer of YTF), Ram Araj Yadav (City Magistrate), T.N Chaube (EO at the Municipal Corporation), V.K. Asthana (Project Officer of the Pollution Control Board) reached the Pagal Baba STP for the inspection. They found that all the ponds are filled with detritus, which is blocking water from being drawn up by the pump. The officers immediately instructed the Municipal Corporation to clean the pond so that the pump can function properly.

After this, the team went to inspect the new 8 MLD capacity STP at Panigaon Road where they found no one to monitor and manage the pump. The pump was also not functioning properly.

They next inspected the Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) at Mukherjee Park where they found that the generator and one of the pumps was inactive. They found the same situation at the Kalidah SPS.

The SPS at Vihar Ghat was also not functioning properly. The pumps were off and the well was filled with garbage, for which the officers scolded the EO. He was instructed that the well should be cleaned before the next inspection, expected to happen in two days.

The officers and the petitioner also inspected the drain flowing into the Yamuna at Bhaura Ghat. Ravindra Kumar said that the task force has instructed the Municipal Corporation to improve the situation and to make the STPs and SPS functional within 10 days.

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