BJP MP Hema Malini demands an airport in Mathura


Recently, BJP MP from Mathura Hema Malini, has approached civil aviation minister, Suresh Prabhu in order to build an airport in Mathura. For this, she has sent a letter to the civil aviation minister’s office. BJP MP Hema Malini has come up with this proposal after the proposed Jewar airport in Noida has been facing disputes over land acquisition from the residents of Gautam Budh Nagar district.

Our news sources say that in her letter Hema Malini has stated that Mathura being a religious attraction for tourists should have an airport as tourists across the world come to this place and visit it. Though the nearest airport to the city is in Delhi so many travelers have to use other modes of transport in order to reach Mathura which becomes quite hectic and some of the travelers due to the same avoid giving a visit to this beautiful and sacred place.

BJP MP Hema Malini further added that airport in Mathura can be an alternative to the proposed Jewar airport.

“Earlier, we had urged to build an airport in Maant or Baldeo area of Mathura from the civil aviation minister, but the demand was not fulfilled. Now I am again writing a letter in this regard in the interest of the public after considering the present circumstances, the letter reads.

Our sources have reported that regarding the land for the proposed airport, people from 8 villages are against the move that has been taken by the state government as the use of the land has been changed from rural to urban for the proposed airport. Regarding this in all the meetings that have been organized in order to make a compensation for the land with the village people, the villagers have declined all the compensations regarding the land that was offered by the state government.

A news says that the state government on May 18 imposed Section 12A of the UP Industrial Act on 16 villages of Jewar. This action by the state government has completely ended the Panchayati Raj system in these villages and made these villages urban areas. This order after coming into effect will provide the villagers with twice the circle rate as compensation for their land, as opposed to four times the rate that had the area remained rural.


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