R. D. Paliwal: Drainage sytem will be developed parallel to Yamuna


CEO of Braj Development Board and a member of the committee formed by the Chief Secretary, Mr. R. D. Paliwal announced yesterday that the drainage system in Vrindavan will be developed parallel to Yamuna in order to protect the river from pollution.

The parallel drainage system will be 20 kilometers long. He also said the river front will be developed like that of Gomati in Lucknow.

Monday morning at 11:00 a.m. R.D. Paliwal, along with MVDA Vice President C.P. Singh and other senior officers, inspected the area of Keshi Ghat and around, and also took the information about the sewers dropping waste into the Yamuna.

Industrial waste from the Kosikalaa and Chata areas is also being discharged into the Yamuna through the Kosi drain.

12_04_2016-11mth111Paliwal said that the developing the Yamuna riverfront is one of the priorities of the State Government and no negligence will be tolerated in that.

He also reviewed the work which is to be done by the Irrigation Department and Water Board, from Keshi Ghat to Kalidah, which stretches for 2 kilometers. A detailed project report (DPR) will be submitted for this purpose to the State Government within a week.

He then visited the Govind Math Ashram of Swami S. S. Vigyanacharya and met the President of Yamuna Rakshak Dal, Jaya Krishna Das.

Mr. Paliwal assured him that Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav is serious about the pollution in Yamuna and he is putting all his efforts to regain the lost glory of the river.

Mr. Paliwal also informed Jay Krishna Dasji that in order to stop drains and industrial waste from flowing into the Yamuna, and to construct a parallel drainage system with the river with a capacity of 8 MLD, modern technology will be used under the guidance of Special Task Force for Yamuna.

Udyan Sharma, Ramesh Sisodia, R.P. Singh, Vivek Mahajan, Shridas Prajapati, Munendra Yadav, Madhav Chauhan, Kranti Pachori, Ajay Sharma along with others were present on the occasion.

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