Devotees Drown in Mayapur Floods

With great regret we wish to inform the community of devotees about the disappearance of Srimati Gauri dasi, her three years old daughter Yamunangi, and her brother-in-law, Sriman Sri Hari dasa.

Sri Ratha Yatra Mahotsav in Vrindavan

This year the Ratha yatra festival of the beloved Jagannath deity of Sri Murari Gupta, will take place on 26/27 June 2006.All devotees are invited to participate and also to contribute some service/donation to the festival.

What’s Happening at

With an interesting variety of research projects, is presenting very interesting topics for the Vaishnava community. has proven to be a must-visit site for seekers of the truth.

Grenade Attack at Iskcon Temple in Manipur

A Krishna temple was the victim of a bomb blast on Wednesday, August 16th. Unknown assailants threw a hand grenade into a crowd of people sitting under a large tent outside of the Iskcon temple.

The Indian Glory of Ahimsa and Vegetarianism!

In today's society a great confusion is taking place and even in India, the land of the sacred cow, meat eating is on the rise and Hindus born into brahmin families are ashamed to maintain the tradition of their mothers...

Spoon Revolution

The Spoon Revolution is a humorous way to bring awareness of the need of vegetarianism to the world. It is the first bloodless revolution to change the way people eat and treat animals.

Radha Kunda Appearance Snan 2006

On the eighth day of the waning phase of the Kartik month the appearance day of Radha Kunda is celebrated. Bathing in Radha Kunda is especially benefical on this day as one gains the favor of Radha.

Is India Facing a New Enemy?

Hundred years ago most Hindus lived on a vegetarian diet, worshiped their deity, studied the Bhagavad Gita and other Vedic scriptures, chanted mantras and lived in harmony with nature, animals and humans.

HAF Protest Call to Convert to Christianity

Republican R.H. Anderson wrote a concession email after the election in which she called on the senator to convert to her Christian faith as she said he needed to be “forgiven.” Sen. Chaudhary is a practicing Hindu.

Grand Opening of Sandipani Muni School

Sandipani Muni School Kartik festival will start on the 4th of October and will end on 10th. Seven days of transcendental celebrations. Daily there will be Sandipani Muni School performances followed by rasalila and prasadam.