Spoon Revolution

This is a humorous way to bring awareness of the need of vegetarianism to the world. It is the first bloodless revolution to change the way people eat and treat animals. It is a great tool to interest people and to enthuse them to become vegetarian activists. Who will pay attention to the call of Mahaprabhu as long as they are eating animals? Even if transcendental mercy reaches people who are still eating meat or fish, they will give it up at once if they take the bhaktas' teachings seriously. They will have to face the conflicts with their non-vegetarian family members.

The Spoon Revolution is collecting and presenting many useful tools to counteract the ignorance of meat eaters' arguments. For example:

  • hundreds of graphic tools showing the advantages of vegetarianism in a file center, a counseling forum called Meateaters Anonymous;

  • medical information suggesting that the best nutrition comes from a vegetarian diet;

  • certificates of the Golden Spoon awarded to vegetarian activists and vegetarian enterprises;

  • the Independent Republic of Spoon Revolution;

  • videos on vegetariansim;

  • flash shows on vegetariansm;

  • links to all important vegetarian, ecological or animal protection movements;

  • and plenty more…

Visit us and participate. Help reach all those who have not yet given up meat, fish or eggs. All Vaishnava missionaries are welcomed to use Spoon Revolution materials and contribute with their own comentaries, articles or artwork.


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