Kazakhstan Criticised Over Krishna Incident

The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe criticised Kazakhstan on Monday for destroying part of a village housing Hare Krishna followers, calling the incident a form of religious intolerance.

Cows Slaughtered for Manufacturing Mridangas

My workers went personally to Mayapur and spoke to many mrdanga manufacturers. They procure cow skin from local Muslim agents and these cows are slaughtered for making mrdanga skins.

Abortion and the Sadhu’s Responsibility

Once again I want to raise my voice on the topic of abortion. We all pride ourselves about our love for children. The sweetest discriptions are given to our children: future of the world, Darling, gifts of God, etc.

Urgent Appeal

We are writing to make you aware of the unfortunate situation involving Baladeva dasa and his wife, Bhaktin Christina, that is unfolding here in the Greater Alachua community, and to appeal to all of you for your help.

Janmastami and the Motorcycle Rockers

The devotees had acquired a new temple in a new area just a few weeks before the festival in 1972. The day before Janmastami, the local Motorcycle Rockers had discovered the presence of the Vaishnavas there.

Jalebi Music Fans!

Our Jalebi Music song "Radha Govinda Kirtan" is still number one after eight weeks and we also still have six songs in the top eight on the World Chart at Beta Records! Everyone has been absolutely fantastic!

Krishna Ashrams Around the World

Today indian temples in the western world are not rare anymore and Krishna ashrams are opening, inspired by Srila Prabhpada, even 29 years after his departure from this world.

Why Lord Jagannath does not eat chillies

Chillies did not come from India. Those who like chillies have to pay their homage to America. There are 3000 varieties of chillie in Mexico and chillie is first class for making organic pesticides, medicinal applications...

We Owe A Lot To The Beatles

There is a whole bunch of old Beatle fans out there. After having achieved top most fame and success, these four young men went on to search for something more valuable. And they had a lot of sukriti...

Peace Concert in Germany

Patrick Bernard and Anuradha devi dasi, mesmerized their audience into stillness, truly centered meditative states. After an evening of this music and dance the audience seemed purged of negative emotions.