In different yuga there are different ways to attain moksha but in kali yuga all those difficult pujas,japa and Samadhi etc has been replaced simply by singing, dancing and chanting to Hare Krishna MAHAMANTRA(RECITED BELOW): x93HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HAREx94 Lord Krishna has said in GITA that in kali yuga As the age of Kali progresses, all good qualities of men diminish and all impure qualities increase. Atheistic systems of so-called religion become predominant, replacing the codes of Vedic law. The kings become just like highway bandits, the people in general become dedicated to low occupations, and all the social classes become just like sudras. All cows become like goats, all spiritual hermitages become like materialistic homes, and family ties extend no further than the immediate relationship of, it would be difficult to do those devotional puja, tapa or meditation etc. So to help the people of kali yuga for attaining BHAKTI, in 1500AD Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabu had taken birth to make them get rid from the worst influence of kali. Chaitanya Mahaprabu or the x93orthex94 form of lord Krishna has personally preached by singing, dancing and chanting. The effect of that divine song is so pure that even the fleshy animals also in the forest started danced to its tune. Sri Chaitanya mahaprabu wanted to preach the mahamantra because his will and aim was no person should suffer in this world due to the influence of kali and should know the real meaning of life- that is x93free the people from the pain of this world and attaint the lotus feet of the supreme personality of God headx94 so he with the help of sri nityananda prabhu and sri advita,gadadhara and sri basadi all together started preaching the hare Krishna mantra in each and every corner of the world, every person in this world irrespective of caste,religion,creed or may be he/she is mentally upset or one who is mentally frustrated, has the right to sing ,dance and chant to the tune of hare Krishna mahamantra. The influence of this divine song is so much that just with the tune of mahamantra, the peace automatically restores in mind and then we will land in a world of harmony and prosperity. It may be material and could be devotional. if u wish any material thing in this world from Lord Krishna, he may give u very soon and u might be happy for a while and after it gets finished then again we will suffer but if once we reach near him or attaining bhakti with complete devotion, though is difficult, we will get real destination of our life where there is always peace, prosperity and sprituality. Even great personality like bhakti sidhanda saraswati thakur maharaj, Sri Gour kishore das babaji maharaj, bhakti Vedanta Srila prabhu pada, and srila puri maharaj also were influence by their gurudevs, experienced them and now are preaching the same. Hare Krishna mahamantra is the only solution to get rid of this painful world and reach to the lotus feet of God head or the lord who is the absolute destination and with our sincere devotional work and bhakti he will give space in his lotus feet where there is complete freedom from the birth and death cycle, freedom from all the suffering and pains. The ultimate peace only lies there and near him, thatx92s why we say parmanad deta or ultimate happiness gives.

*Dear devoteex92sPlease forgive If there is some mistake happened in my write up.

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