7 Must-See Places in Vrindavan

A list of Must-See Places in Vrindavan
While visiting places in Vrindavan one should not forget that there are 5000 different temples in this holy place related to Lord Krishna. Still...

New law in Russia threatens the Sankirtan movement in that country

by Vrindavanlila Dasi We are praying to Lord Jagannath to resolve difficulties presented to the preaching in Russia by a new law about ‘missionary activity’...

Krishna devotees observe vegetarian Thanksgiving

Should a turkey have attended dinner at the Krishna temple on Thursday, it would have been as an honored guest.

Jagannath “Great Pumpkin” in Local Newspaper

After growing a 120 lb pumpkin, Adhoksaja Devi Dasi decided to paint it with the beaming smile of Lord Jagannatha instead of the more common haunting expressions like the seasonal Jack-O-Lanterns.

Atmasfera concert – “Gauranga“, live at Woodstock UA 2015

“AtmAsfera” - is an internationally acclaimed world music band from Lviv, Ukraine whose mission is « World Music – World Peace ». Atmasfera plays...

Who Is Shyamananda Das? Hindu Temple Worker Hacked To Death In...

Sixty-two-year-old Shyamananda Das was plucking flowers for religious services yesterday morning. This was when assailants riding on a motorbike came and hacked the Hindu...

Vrinda Kunda Festival Schedule

In Celebration of the 8th Anniversary of Vrinda Kunda Temple Opening, we have made an ecstatic schedule of parikramas and festivals from Feb 15 to Mar 4th.

Holidays of the Heart

The English word “holiday” derives from the religious observance of holy days, but today holidays have been extended to include secular days of historical, political, and social significance.

The most beautiful religion


The Secret of Real Religion

Ms. Nixon: My first question is very basic. What is Krsna consciousness? Srila Prabhupada: "Krsna" means God. We are all intimately connected with Him because He is our original father. But we have forgotten this connection.