How the Essence of Religions Came From Vedic Culture

(An Excerpt from the book Mysteries of the Ancient Vedic Empire, by Sri Nandanandana dasa–Stephen Knapp) As we look over the various cultures and religions...

Former Burger King Chairman starts Vegetarian Company

Brian Swette’s career was as corporate as it comes. From Procter & Gamble to PepsiCo to eBay to Burger King, he did executive-level stints...

Swami B.S. Tirtha Maharaj TV Interview on MATV UK

Swami B.S. Tirtha Maharaj's MATV interview will be telecast on Saturday 29th January 2011 at 10.00AM GMT (London Time).

UNESCO World Heritage: The Tradition of Vedic Chanting

Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Philip Wollen, Former VP of Citibank, Makes Blazing Animal Rights Speech

Wollen is a former VP of Citibank and Australian philanthropist who is known to keep out of the limelight. But he sure rose to the challenge for this debate to deliver a huge performance and a powerful message.

Sanjay’s Super Team


Sri Radharaman Lalji’s Appearance Day

May 17th Vaisakha Purnima was the auspicious appearance day of the self-manifest Deity, Sri Radharaman Lalji, one of the most important and beloved Deities of Vrindavan

Philippines: Urgent Help Needed for Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan

Food for Life Philippines is responding to the emergency with hot vegan meals. A team of volunteers is gathering resources and equipment to expand their efforts immediately.

Samsara’s Refugees by Adhiyajna das Sinister Samsara's wheel rotates ceaselessly as do the souls take countless births needlessly no escape was in sight till you showed us the gate Srila...

Children Are Born Believers

Dr. Justin Barret says that young children have faith even when they have not been taught about it by family or at school, and argues that even those raised alone on a desert island would come to believe in God.