The Sweet Honey of Belonging

A poem By Tadiya Dasi I’ve been on this road before: where it’s pitch dark and the roaring of my monkey mind scares me half to death; where I...

Climate Change, Health, and Diet

Originally published at the Huffington Post by Chantelle DMello According to a new study, the small vegan population might just have the right idea. Turns...

Radha Kunda Appearance Snan 2006

On the eighth day of the waning phase of the Kartik month the appearance day of Radha Kunda is celebrated. Bathing in Radha Kunda is especially benefical on this day as one gains the favor of Radha.

What Do Cannibals Look Like? Take A Look In The Mirror

Human taste buds have grown tired of all the flesh and blood we gorge upon daily. To the tickling taste buds, what could be more savory than a cute little baby, killed in the womb itself. Sounds abhorring? Read on.

Krishna devotees observe vegetarian Thanksgiving

Should a turkey have attended dinner at the Krishna temple on Thursday, it would have been as an honored guest.

Leaning Temple of Huma

Bordered by the dusty villages and open countryside, Huma village is located on the bank of the river Mahanadi, 23 km south of the city of Sambalpur. Huma is a famous Shiva temple in the district of Sambalpur and the abode of Lord Vimaleswara.

Roving Herds of Grazing Climate Helpers

The catalyst for reducing atmospheric CO2 and restoring soil fertility is by bringing back the roving, grazing animals that used to wander the world’s grasslands.

New Political Party Started by Vaishnavas

Chakrapani das has done solid research to show how the Ethik Partei can offer tangible help to people in this world. The party is registered in Switzerland and Germany and is now also forming in South America. 

Hindu Kings Who Ruled Syria and Turkey

Foreign “scholars” who wrote Indian history books deliberately hid some glorious chapters of Indian history -- 1500 year rule of the Hindus in South...

Message of UK Prime Minister for Janmashtami and ISKCON50

Namaste, I am delighted to send my best wishes to everyone at Bhaktivedanta Manor in what is a very special year for all those...