Now Dwarikadheesh darshan in a click

Braj Developmnt and Planning Board (BDPB) have developed a mobile application to facilitate the darshan of Dwarikadheesh online and benefit the devotees round the...

Himalayan “Tsunami” Floods Sweep India

A tremendous disaster scene is unfolding in the Char-dham region of the Himalayan state, Uttarakhand. While the ancient Kedarnath temple has survived tsunami-like flooding and landslide, virtually everything around the temple has been destroyed.

A Sad Accident Happened In Surya Kunda

The old temple of siddha mahatma Madhusudan das Babaji Maharaj collapsed in the middle of a Vaishnava seva program. 25 devotees left this world and many more were injured. We pray for all...

Ganga Sagara Mela

Gangapujan Dashahara or Dussehra is the "appearance day" or day that marks the descent of Mother Ganges

Who Is Shyamananda Das? Hindu Temple Worker Hacked To Death In...

Sixty-two-year-old Shyamananda Das was plucking flowers for religious services yesterday morning. This was when assailants riding on a motorbike came and hacked the Hindu...

Japan nuclear meltdown raises concerns in India

The critical failure in Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant following a devastating earthquake has raised concerns over the safety of Indian atomic power generators

The Surfing Swami

After 47 years away, the Surfing Swami is back on the beach where it all began, ready for another morning surf session with some old friends from the old days.

India files murder charges against suspects in brutal gang rape

Indian authorities added murder charges Saturday for suspects in the brutal gang rape that led to the death of a 23-year-old woman and sent outraged protesters to the streets. The suspects already faced rape charges.

Why India Needs a New Independence Movement

by David Frawley As the World is embracing Indian Thought more and more, India seems to be abandoning it. Perhaps the greatest challenge for India today...

Vrindavan Kumbha Mela

Many people are not aware that from the 30th January there is Kumbha Mela in Vrindavan also before the Haridwar Kumbha. Many years ago the Shivites attacked the Vaisnavas at the Haridwar Kumbha Mela