Hema stops illegal cutting of trees at Banshi Vat

51263339Hema Malini asked the SSP to stop the illegal cutting of trees in Banshi Vat and keep a check on timber smugglers. She also visited the area on Friday to inspect the situation and scolded the area representative for negligence. The trees at Banshi Vat are very old and have great historical and cultural value.

Banshi Vat is known for the past-times of Lord Krishna and have many trees which are associated with it. But recently Hemal Malini got the information from environment activists that these trees are being cut down by smugglers with the help of some local residents.

Hema Malini, who was in Delhi at that time, asked the SSP Mathura Dr. Rakesh Singh to go to Banshi Vat soon and take action accordingly. She also reached the area on Friday to review the actions taken by the police.

The local head of the area Bhagwati Devi also reached the spot along with her husband Bhagwan Singh. Hema Malini seemed unhappy with the situation and scolded her for showing negligence. She also instructed her and her husband to be vigilant to avoid any such situation from arising in the future. Afterwards, she listened to the problems locals are facing, and assured them of a speedy remedy.

She was coming from a meeting at Nauhjheel where she announced to a gathering of village heads that every village gets funding of 80 lac rupees per year. If the village heads try to utilize this amount in a better way, the village will progress quickly, overcoming all problems. She also gave them some guidance about how and what the village bodies can do to make them better and more progressive.

Hema Malini inspected her adopted Rawal village on Thursday. She reached at around 10:30 am and inspected the roads construction, public facilities and city hall of the village. She has also instructed the construction of Junior High School near the village. She also reviewed the proposal to construct a lake near the Radha Rani temple at Rawal.

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