Garbage still getting dumped in Yamuna banks

The hearing for the the garbage dumping along side Yamuna and of illegal encroachment will happen today at National Green Tribunal (NGT). Local commissioner...

Water scarcity in Vrindavan

The ground water level is steadily going down in the city. The hand pumps installed by the Municipal Corporation are going dry along with...

Rainfall breaks 50-year record in Mathura, flood alert sounded

With a record rainfall of 190 mm in 16 hours over the weekend, the highest in the last 50 years, Mathura has been under...

Hearing in NGT on 25th May

The hearing into pollution caused by industries in urban areas will take place before the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on May 25. The Central and State...

Meat sale banned in Kurukshetra

Following an order of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the State Government has strictly prohibited the sale, possession, consumption and purchase of non-vegetarian food items in the holy towns of Kurukshetra and Pehowa.

Hindus’ belief about Lord Rama’s birthplace protected under Article 25

"It is quite possible that the entire city may be held to be very pious and sacred on account of some occurrence of divinity or religious spirituality."

We want pure Yamuna water from Hathani Kund: Jai Krishna Das

With the recent announcement by government officials that they will finally build a sewage canal or sewer parallel to the Yamuna in the Vrindavan-Mathura...

Care for Cows Land Appeal

The Care for Cows Clinic is hosted on a friend's land in Raman Reti and we plan to purchase it to insure stability and make further improvements. The half-acre is valued at Rs. 2 crore or US $500,000.

Rs 1.78 Crore Swiss Gift to Puri Temple

Starved of resources, the Jagannath temple at Puri could not have got a better gift a month ahead of the annual rath yatra: a Swiss woman has donated a whopping Rs 1.78 crore to the 12th century shrine.

Protest against polluted water

People have lost their patience with the polluted Municipal Corporation water supply. As a result, people from various areas hosted a protest in the...