Demands Not Met, Yamuna Stir to Continue

The Yamuna Protest March continued to camp in Delhi after the government didn't accept all their demands. Yamuna Rakshak Dal members were in a meeting with water resources ministry officials till late Wednesday night and are expecting an outcome by midnight.

Indian Govt. Engage The Germans For Cleaning Of Ganga and Yamuna

Inspiration flows from Rhine: It was once among the dirtiest rivers in the world As India stares at the mammoth task of cleaning the Ganga/Yamuna...

Until the Cows Come Home

by Braja Sevaki Devi Dasi Vrindavana’s cows feel the pinch as their pasturing grounds disappear. It was the day before Janmashtami. Crowds of pilgrims were pouring...

Yamuna International Arts Academy

This is an ambitious school project with the aim of providing a balanced modern and spiritual education. The school has been started by a gurukuli to fulfill the wish of Srila Prabhupada, who wanted to create modern saints.

Monkeys try to snatch baby from its mother

Monkeys are turning into a huge problem for both residents and visitors in Vrindavan. The problem started with stealing food, which increased to stealing...

Mathura Ghats

The Yamuna near Mathura is a repository of the pastimes associated with Krishna. The river bank is embellished with stone steps leading to the surface of the water. Each ghat has a story associated with it.

Hindus’ belief about Lord Rama’s birthplace protected under Article 25

"It is quite possible that the entire city may be held to be very pious and sacred on account of some occurrence of divinity or religious spirituality."