Save Yamuna River, Join Foot March 01.03.2013

There is not one drop of Natural Fresh River Water in River Yamuna in Delhi & Beyond. Almost 97% of Original River Waters are taken away from River Yamuna, only a few kilometers from its birthplace - Yamnotri. What flows into Mathura – Vrindavan is simply filthy and heavily polluted sewage.

Illegal Structures Demolished near Puri Temple

Armed with an Orissa High Court order, the Jagannath Temple administration in Puri on Tuesday started the process of demolishing portions of a building close to the entrance of the 12th century shrine.

Midday milk or cholera in the water?

Two days after two children died following consuming milk as part of mid-day meal at a school in Kansi Ram colony in Mathura, the...

Age old Yamuna Ghats on the verge of extinction

The effect of the unplanned and arbitrary execution of the River Front Development Project in Vrindavan by the State Irrigation Department has caused irreparable...

Sree Pawan Sarawar Restoration

by Bhakti Vikash Trust

Hindus’ belief about Lord Rama’s birthplace protected under Article 25

"It is quite possible that the entire city may be held to be very pious and sacred on account of some occurrence of divinity or religious spirituality."

Truck carrying carcasses of cows set afire in Mathura

A truck was set ablaze and the National Highway 2 was blocked today by residents of Chaumuhan area here after the vehicle was found...

BVHA protesting Yamuna riverfront plans

The Braj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance opposes the new Yamuna riverfront development project in Vrindavan. It registered its protest with the District Magistrate of Mathura,...

His Name Is Khan, He Wants a Ban on Cow Slaughter...

He is a kathavachak (narrator of religious lore) with a difference. A devout Muslim by birth, Faiz Khan is a firm believer in the...

ISKCON Joins Call for Indian Government to Clean Up Yamuna River

Studies have shown that 97% of the water from the Yamuna has been diverted away from its natural riverbed before it reaches New Delhi. A report compiled in 2006 by the CPCB stated there is “almost no fresh water in the river” from Delhi on.