Tourism department to build Heritage Walk for Vrindavan Temples

It may be good news for those who want to visit the ancient temples and heritage sites of Vrindavan. The U.P. Tourism has conceptualized...

Keeping the city clean is a challenge

The city administration is finding it difficult to keep the holy city clean, despite making all efforts. More than five dozens cleaners have been...

‘Nature walk’ proposed in the Sunrakh reserve forest

by Vrindavan Today On the eve of the World Environment Day the residents of Vrindavan including the saints, mahants and the brajwasis gathered in the...

Save River Yamuna Demonstration at Jantar Mantar, Delhi

Representatives of the Save River Yamuna movement declared that on the very second day after their arrival in Delhi, the unprecedented foot march and demonstration had been successful in its short term objectives.

Grab that Service!

A couple of days ago a devotee from Russia, Mother Tusti came into the office in Vrindavan where I work as a researcher and requested me to look at the Samadhi of Raghunath das Goswami in Radha Kund.

Bhumi Project Encourages Hindus Worldwide to Go Green

The ancient Indian spiritual text Srimad-Bhagavatam recounts how 5,000 years ago, Bhumi Devi, the presiding Deity of the Earth, was being plundered and destroyed by evil men.

Admin to go ahead with Mathura-Vrindavan merger

The state government’s plan to upgrade Mathura municipality to a municipal corporation has been revived.

Garbage still getting dumped in Yamuna banks

The hearing for the the garbage dumping along side Yamuna and of illegal encroachment will happen today at National Green Tribunal (NGT). Local commissioner...

Water returns to river after twenty year drought in southern India

video Ecstatic villagers celebrate as water finally flows into river for first time in 20 years. Crowds raced to the river and can be heard...

Modi should impose ‘nationwide ban’ on cow slaughter: Ramdev

World renowned Yoga guru Ramdev today said that the “bloodbath” over the beef issue can be stopped if Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a...