Green Court representative finds garbage management system collapsing in Vrindavan

Poor state of garbage management was found in Vrindavan during the surprise visit of the representative appointed by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on...

The Yogis for the River Ganga Declaration

Yogis for Ganga Declaration PDF  

Yamuna was not polluted when people adored it as mother: Gopeshwar

The students and river enthusiasts of Vrindavan gathered on the bank of Yamuna at the Imli Tala Ghats to celebrate the World River Day...

Third Sandipani Muni School Opens In Vrindavan

A third Sandipani Muni School, which will provide free education for poor children in Lord Krishna’s birthplace of Vrindavana, India, will open on October 23rd.

The Yamuna March Is Over But The Protest Continues

Starting March, 1st more than 100,000 brajavasis, devotees, farmers and people of various organizations marched from Vrindavan to Delhi to stop the abuse of the Yamuna river. On March 13th the march was called off but the protest continues.

Grab that Service!

A couple of days ago a devotee from Russia, Mother Tusti came into the office in Vrindavan where I work as a researcher and requested me to look at the Samadhi of Raghunath das Goswami in Radha Kund.

Kankan Kunda Revealed!

Yesterday we got a call from Radha Kunda that Kankan Kunda has finally been revealed. The cleaning of Radha Kunda had recently been started as Shyama Kunda cleaning is complete. Everyone was anticipating...

Yamuna River Will Be Brought Under Environment Protection Act, Says Govt

The government has promised to bring the Yamuna river under the the Environment Protection Act within two months to ensure "free flow of the...

Save Yamuna River, Join Foot March 01.03.2013

There is not one drop of Natural Fresh River Water in River Yamuna in Delhi & Beyond. Almost 97% of Original River Waters are taken away from River Yamuna, only a few kilometers from its birthplace - Yamnotri. What flows into Mathura – Vrindavan is simply filthy and heavily polluted sewage.

Restoration of Narashinga Temple in Yogapith

The old temple of Sri Lakshmi Narasingha and Sri Gaur Gadadhara in Yogapith (Mayapur) is currently being restored by the Yogapith temple administration.