Vraja will again be known for its cow wealth

While the Brajwasis demanded to save the cow wealth of Vraja, the Divisional Commissioner, Shri Pradeep Bhatnagar promised to take all the necessary steps...

Monkeys try to snatch baby from its mother

Monkeys are turning into a huge problem for both residents and visitors in Vrindavan. The problem started with stealing food, which increased to stealing...

Global Kirtan for the Yamuna River

On March 1, 500,000 people will Walk to Delhi, from Vrindavan, for Clean Water to be returned to the banks of the Yamuna River & the sacred Ghats of Braj.

Yamuna was not polluted when people adored it as mother: Gopeshwar

The students and river enthusiasts of Vrindavan gathered on the bank of Yamuna at the Imli Tala Ghats to celebrate the World River Day...

Bengal to Save Ganga Bank at Mayapur

In january the Bengal government will start to save the holy banks of the Ganges river in Mayapur starting from Nandanacarya bhavan down to Hoola-ghat. Nandanacarya Bhavan is the original place where Sri Caitanya...

ASI team to visit Kedarnath shrine

A team of experts from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) will visit the Kedarnath temple in Uttarakhand to assess the quantum of damage caused by the flood fury and restoration required for the shrine.

Vrindavan set to become model city

Vrindavan is set to become a model city. The pilgrimage town has been short listed by the State government to be developed as a...

Vrindavan on the move

Famous landmark Keshi ghat is undergoing restoration. The first sight of Vrindavan people used to have when there were no roads was the Keshi ghat, when the boat was arriving from Mathura to Vrindavan.

Kaar Seva performed at the Priya Kund by Maan Mandir students

The restoration of the Priya Kund began in Varsana. A group of small brahmachari children of the Maan Mandir Gurukula began the cleaning of...

Sree Pawan Sarawar Restoration

by Bhakti Vikash Trust