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Yamuna Film “The Stolen River” Gets U.S. Premiere in Gainesville

by Madhava Smullen, ISKCON News “The Stolen River,” a documentary film about pollution in the sacred river Yamuna that is written and directed by ISKCON...


This brief announcement is to inform you that Srila Narasingha Maharaja has a personal website that includes articles, philosophy blogs, travel photos and more.

New Issue of Sri Krishna Kathamrita Magazine – The Glories of...

Gopal Jiu Publications is pleased to announce the release of issue #14 of Sri Krishna Kathamrita magazine, "The Glories of Mahaprasada". Prasada, the sacred food remnants of the Lord, are revered by devotees everywhere. However, in Jagannath Puri that tradition reaches heights that are not found anywhere else.

New Issue of Krishna Kathamrita

Lord Jagannath in Puri is celebrated as Patita Pavana, the savior of the fallen. With new research work, traditional art, and translations of little-known Oriya scriptures, this issue of Sri Krishna Kathamrita...

Hare Krishna Documentary Retells Life Of Founder

by RJ Schaffer When Yadubara Das became a member of the Hare Krishna movement in 1970, he was assigned to become a filmmaker. That assignment has...

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu for Young Readers

This book is intended to bring to the attention of young readers, a brief introduction of the holy life of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu; the Founder of Gaudiya Vaishnavism and the Redeemer of the people of Kali-yuga.

Mahabharata: The Condensed Version Available on Amazon as Free Download

Torchlight Publishing is happy to announce the release today of a new e-book of the condensed version of the great epic, The Mahabharata by...

Vrindavan Film ‘Reconnection’ Wins 15 Awards

by Madhava Smullen Reconnection, a 40-minute film written and directed by Siberian devotee couple Shyam Gopal Das and his wife Vijaya Radhika Dasi, has been...

Note to editors!

Pranam and affection to you all!

Sorry for submitting 2 articles in the same day... If this is not possible, than may I suggest the article relating to Ratha Yatra as it is current and Ratha-Yatra is now in Jagannatha Puri Dham!


thank you for your consideration and seva!

Swami BV Sajjan :-)

New Gokul Magazine

GOKUL (Global Organisation of Krishnachaitanya's Universal Love) has published third issue of it's new magazine "The Message of Universal Divine Love". The highlights of issue are: Meaning of Krishna's Pastimes...