New Book On Vraja Dhama

As a service to devotees, holy dham and acharyas, we have released the book ‘Wondrous Glories of Vraja’. The book can be accessed and downloaded at the following addresss

This is the first book in the series of Vaisnava acharyas' works that we are planning to print and put up online. The idea is to make a comprehensive repository of Vaisnava acharya’s works which confirm to good standards. Many available works have been done for commercial reasons (Loi bazar editions) and many others are simply not available. To make the matters worse, many of the brilliant works rendered by devotees like Kusakrtha Prabhu have gone out of circulation. In today’s situation, a seeker would end up running from pillar to post if he were to look for an authentic edition of a book which is somewhat complete with original verses, transliteration etc. Of course there are many devotees who are producing excellent books in this field.

Next in the series, nearing completion, is the book ‘Glories of Thy Wondrous Name’. It contains the complete presentation of the 19th and 20th chapter (with original Bengali verses, transliteration etc.) of Sri Prema Vivarta wherein Mahaprabhu Himself propounds the glories of the holy name.

In this era where the word ‘book’ is coming to denote Facebook, there is danger of loosing focus. The information explosion threatens to drown out the real information, the message of acharyas. Therefore Srila Prabhupada emphasized studying and distribution of his books.

We invite the devotees with similar interests to come on board! The portal would go online shortly. Eventually this portal would house the works of acharyas in Ramanuja and Madhva line also.

Sahadeva dasa

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