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Jayadvaita Swami Book Wins Benjamin Franklin Award

Vanity Karma, a new book by ISKCON guru Jayadvaita Swami, has been presented with the 2016 Benjamin Franklin gold award by the Independent Book...


We are very happy to provide a permanent link to, a website with information about the four Vaishnava sampradayas.  What are our common interests? What can we do together?

Award-Winning Vrindavan Film Inspires Reconnection

by Madhava Smullen Vrindavan might just be a small, dusty town in Uttar Pradesh, India. But there’s something about it that changes people. It’s not just...

Book on India got Three National Awards in Hungary

It is with great pleasure that after spending and experiencing such wonderful time here in Hungary, Nandafalva with our dear B.A. Harijan Maharaj that we would like to share with all the devotees and friends, some great latest news  

Gaudiya Touchstone Issue 5 Now Online

This issue of the Gaudiya Touchstone's cover story is Kumbha-Mela, the world's largest act of faith. During January/February of this year news media across India and around the world turned their attention to the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and mystical Saraswati rivers at Allahabad.

Bhagavata Subodhini: A New Study Book on the Bhagavatam

by BVP Team ISKCON News It is believed that a classic is a book that doesn't need to be written again yet it inspires numerous...

The Game of Self-realisation

Designed to introduce newcomers to the wonderful aspects of sanatan dharma, this board game is recommended for people aged  8 to 8o. It even provides entertainment to serious devotees who will want to find time to play.

Review: On the Way to Vaikuntha

On the Way to Vaikuntha, the book under review here, is an important addition to our knowledge of this consequential religious figure. An English translation of Baikunther Pathe, originally published in 1943, it introduces the reader to a softer side of Bon Maharaja.

Book Release: Muslim Devotees of Krsna

by Damodar Nityananda dasa The book – Muslim Devotees of Krsna was launched by H.H. Bhakti Vikasa Swami during Baroda Ratha Yatra festival on 18th...

New Book: Volcanic Energy

by Gandharvika d.d. During the appearance day festival of Śrī Śrīmad Bhakti Dayita Mādhava Gosvāmī Mahārāja (Utthāna Ekādaśī, November 11th 2016) in Vṛndāvana, India, Śrī...