Radha-Raman Appearance Day

On May 9, 2009 abhisheka ceremony of Radha-Ramana took place in His temple. It was His appearance day. The Abhisheka lasted for three hours and started from bringing water from the Yamuna. According to the tradition, young pujaris, who are the sons of the chief Goswamis, went to the Yamuna.

Radha Ramana was bathed with 5 liquids: saffron water in the beginning and in the end, ghee, milk and yoghurt.

This filming is a part of the new video project of BB Govinda Swami dedicated to Vraja Dhama. This small fragment is not a final product, it is just our attempt to share the nectar of association with the wonderful and most beautiful Radha-Ramana.

This video is available on Glimpses of Vraja DVD: http://www.vrindavanexperience.com/shop/

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