Do our policitians hate Hindu religion?

Black stool water is flowing into the Yamuna river, and pilgrims are bathing in it! For 50 years! The government is doing nothing to stop the Yamuna pollution.

All around the world rivers are cleansed. Why the Holy Land of Krishna is not taken care of? Do our politicians hate Hindu religion?

Do they keep the Dham dirty on purpose? Hindus wake up! Let us defend our Holy Rivers with love. Do you think that Muslims or Christians would allow their Holy Places to be dirty? Would they allow local people and yatris to be poisoned?

Why are great temples being constructed by Hindu leaders if they are ignoring the environment disaster, the health hazards and the shameful aesthetic of the Yamuna?

A place surrounded by plastic garbage left by the yatris, judges, lawyers, doctors, administrators, 80 crores of yatris come yearly to Vrindavan. Where is our sense of dignity and defense of the Holy Dham?

Save the Holy Rivers and Kundas. Now!
Stop using plastic. Now!
Stop throwing waste in the streets or in the Yamuna. Now!

Inform yourself:

Visit the websites:,,, and check our the activities of our supporters.

People who are offensive and dangerous for Vrindavan:

-Those who steal the money of the public

-Those who litter their dirt

-Those who drive like mad on the roads and put others lives in danger

-Those who poison the ground water with artificial fertilizers

-Those who do not protest when Yamuna is poisened with dirty water.

-Those who make pillars in the Yamuna which drive the Yamuna away from Vrindavan.

-Those who do not make and follow the Master Plan approved by the local citizens.

-Those who drink alcohol in the Dham and who eat or sell non-vegetarian food, including eggs.

-Those who mistreat any animals

-Those who put yatris in anxiety by demanding donations from them.

-Those who make a big noise with trumpet speakers in the streets.

What we must do:

-Inform ourselves through the websites. Join those forums that deal with solutions for Vrindavan and Braj Mandal

-Write protest letters to your political leaders and to the Mathura-Vrindavan municipalities.

-Copy this message and give it to everyone (yogis, ministers and all who claim to love Hinduism)

-Put this information on your Facebook page, etc.

-Donate to effective Vrindavan projects.

-Clean the Dham with your own hands.

-Protest to oblige all to act in Vrindavan’s favor.

-Obtain, watch, reproduce and distribute our DVD about Yamuna and Ganga.

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