Collection of 1781 Hindu Websites

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam “Whole world is our single family”. It is truly emerging today as more than 15% of World Population is Hindus and 110 Crore ( i.e. 1100 Million) plus Hindus living in 97 Countries of the world. (Year 2010 Circa).

A team of Vedic students of an Institute at the foothills of Himalayas worked for few weeks to collect details and compile Websites and Email addresses available in public domains of Hindu Organizations/ Parisadas/ Leaders/ Political Institutions/ NGOs/ Temples spread throughout the world.  The information collected belongs to their respective Institutions/ Organization/ Websites.

  1. Hindu Websites sorted alphabetically: 1781 Websites (which includes 96 Blogs/ Discussion Forums etc). Out of 1781, 112 (i.e.  6.3% of total listed) sites are of ISKCON
  2. Hindu Websites sorted under 47 broad Categories
  3. Hindu Websites sorted under 57 broad Country Reference
  4. E-Mail addresses collected from 67 Countries: 2062 E-Mail Addresses, listed in each group of 500 in notepad.  

It is for your kind information that we have listed sites/E-Mails etc. under broad category/reference country etc. as it is difficult to categorize them by water tight boundaries. Also few websites have been listed under World category as they either have larger dimensions or country reference could not be found.

We sincerely feel that so far we could collect only 70-75% information of all Hindu Websites in public domain. Any updation (addition/ deletion/ correction/ changing category etc) may please be informed and shall be received by us with due respect.





We apologize in advance for any error done by us.

Om Namah!
Hindus Media Network

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