SS-1 Synthesizer developed by Patita pavana das

Recently a synthesizer (an electronic musical instrument) for surround and a book about it's use and construction have been published in german language by audio engineer Patita Pavana Das (Thomas Fiedler) from Germany. The book explains in detail, how the synthesizer SS-1 works and how it can be used for making all kinds of music and sound effects, especially for surround sound. The instrument itself comes as an "ensemble" for users of the software Reaktor which is produced by the music software company Native Instruments. Owners of the book can download the SS-1 for free. Soon the book will be also available in english language and the synthesizer will be on sale for those who do not own the book and do not intend to buy it.

The book is available on Amazon at the following link:

All information about the book and the synthesizer will be available shortly at If you have any questions please contact Patita Pavana Das through the contact form on his homepage

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