Sri Purna Chandra Das new Chairperson of IKCM in Africa

(IKCM) International Krishna Chaitanya Mission in Africa

All glories to Sri Guru and Vaisnab, please accept our humble obeisance:
On 01 November 2017 by the Grace of Guru and Vaishnava, Srila Gurudev Bhakti Vichar Bishnu Maharaj gives again mercy to the conditional fallen souls African devotees his great blessing, now in our preaching Center in Kampala Uganda we are welcoming Sri Purna Chandra das as our chairperson of the Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission in Africa and all local devotees where very grateful and chant the Holy name Of the Lord. Lord Gauranga display always his mercy upon his devotees and in sure we are so blessed to have mercy of guru and Vaishnava.

the mission is located in Africa
Uganda Kampala
P.O.Box 11526 kampala Uganda
tel: +256 414 668 092

Chaitanya Chandra Das, servant of his Gurudev SRILA BHAKTI VICHA BISHNU MAHARAJ the beloved father and friend for all living entities.

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