Christian leaders learn Vedic philosophy


ISKCON Secunderabad temple regularly hosts classes for various religious communities who get a firsthand experience of Vedic philosophy and lifestyle. The faith groups visit the temple, hear the devotees, chant, dance, take prasadam and buy books. The temple's program director, Dr Sahadeva das, has been a popular figure on the interfaith scene for many years. In the last training program for Christians in November 2010, 50 senior Christian preachers of Andhra Pradesh came to the temple for three hours of classes on Vaishnava theology and universal religion.


They chanted, danced, partook of prasadam and purchased dozens of books. The group leader, Father Sebastian, complimented ISKCON for giving them a true insight into Vedic culture and, on behalf of the group, congratulated Dr Sahadeva das for making them feel at home. He said that they felt as if they were in a seminary and that many misconceptions which they may have harbored about Vaishnavism were cleared up.


Srila Prabhupada has taught a universal philosophy which transcends the boundaries of caste, religion, age and social status. Krishna consciousness is a timeless philosophy and an ageless culture.

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