8 Years and 200 Issues of KK Bindu

Sri Krishna Kathamrita Bindu, the free e-magazine from ISKCON Gopaljiu Publications, has just entered its ninth year of circulation, and has reached 200 issues distributed to its ever-growing list of subscribers.

Started in 2001 as a humble attempt to serve Srila Prabhupada and the preachers of the mission of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Krishna Kathamrita Bindu is especially meant for devotees who were interested in going deep into the tradition and literature of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Our policy from the beginning has been to simply focus on krishna-katha – no politics, exposes, revolutions, or institutional bashing or promotion. Tad-vag-visargo janatagha-viplavo – our conviction is that krishna-katha and krishna-nama automatically changes everything for the better. They are the ultimate solutions to all problems in this world. In the words of Srila Saraswati Thakur, "The person who determines that there is scope for reform of the world himself stands in need of reform. … As soon as Krishna enters the listening ear, he clears up the vision of the listener so that he no longer has any ambition of ever acting the part of a reformer of any other person, because he finds that nobody is left without the very highest guidance. It is therefore his own reform that he is increasingly able to realize, by the eternally continuing mercy of the Supreme Lord." [Read the complete article in Bindu 177]

Bindu has featured many first-time translations, including stories and songs from little-known works, such as Sri Tilak Ramdas' "Abhiram Lilamrta", Yadunandan Das' "Karnananda", Jagadbandhu Bhadra's "Gaura-pada-tarangini", Gopijanavallabha Das' "Rasika Mangala", Krishnadas' "Syamananda Prakash", Jiva Goswami's "Gopal Campu" and Padma, Nrsimha, Brahma-vaivarta and other Puranas.

Bindu comes out twice a month, on every ekadasi. Each four-page issue begins with an inspiring article from His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, and nearly every issue includes something from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur and Thakur Bhaktivinode. Articles by Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami are a common feature as well as contemporary articles by the Bindu editors.

Bindu is a free service. To subscribe, write to: minimag@gopaljiu.org

Below are some of the kind words of encouragement about Bindu received over the last 8 years:

I would like to subscribe to your publication. I looked at some back issues and enjoyed the contents very much. I have stopped looking at the ISKCON web sites except for our local site, because they are all obsessed with politics and nonsense. Your publication is very nice. We just need to chant together in a humble and loving frame of mind in order to solve all the problems. Thank you, prabhus. — Praharana Dasi, Toronto

Your publication is an invaluable source of inspiration and important sastric reference. — Vaisesika Das, San Francisco

Please include me in your subscribers' list for KK Bindu. I enjoyed the fourth issue very much. May all of your efforts be crowned with success, and may this meet you in the best of health and blissful spirits. — Tamal Krishna Goswami

Your magazine is the best on the earth. — Jayatam Jaya Sila Das

It  is my  great  happiness  to  see  that  instead  of joining the revolting political debates and fights continuously taking place amongst the vaishnavas of different groups, the sisyas of Gour Govinda Maharaja are peacefully engaged in distributing pure, universal  hari-katha without propagating any institution in a sectarian way. You are doing a wonderful job for the pleasure of Sri Guru and Gauranga. I wish you all success in your service. — Peter Erdody, Budapest

My sincere congratulations and gratitude for putting together a fine Gaudiya Vaisnava online publication that we can all feel proud of. — Vicaru Das, Editor, "Sanga"

Thanks for all this nectar. — Indradyumna Swami

Your Bindus are WONDERFUL! — Mahavegavati Dasi

With great happiness I received your wonderful e-mail and devoured it immediately. The Krishna Kathamrita Bindu is simply ecstatic. Short, concise, thick with nectar, and fully authorized and in line with our glorious sampradaya as revealed by Srila Prabhupada. It is just what a preacher needs who wishes to inspire people. Please keep the good stream of nectar flowing! — Sacinandana Swami

Thanks for the latest KK Bindu. As usual, it was nectarean and a pleasant ekadasi surprise for my wicked mind. I especially appreciate the non-partisan spirit of the publication. I can hardly read anything on the internet these days that isn't trying to promote, argue pro or con, or solicit. There is a place for that I admit. I have my opinions, too. But it's easy to forget our real business in life. At least I am reminded, by your kindness, on a bi-monthly basis. Thank you. — Sarva-drk Das, Denver

Aapko bahut dhanyavaada!!! — Dasarath Suta Das, Georgia

I always look forward to receiving Krishna Kathamrita Bindu. It's just the right size and just the right substance — so short that I can easily devote the time to it yet so juicy that a few drops go a long way. A newsletter with nothing but pure Krishna-katha — so refreshing! This is the real need of the day. Thank you so much! — Jayadvaita Swami

Many thanks for a copy of the book, "Sri Krishna Kathamrita Bindu, Issues 1-17" which I have just finished reading. In fact, I was not able to take up any of my other works until I finished this book. I am happy to tell you that one can really have a taste of sindhu reading the said issues of the Bindu. One small suggestion: Can you start incorporating in each issue translation of a portion of a Vaishnava Sanskrit text not yet translated? Wishing you success in your venture. — Yours affectionately, Professor Samaresh Bandyopadhyaya, Head of the Department of Ancient Indian History and Culture, University of Calcutta

Your wonderful writings have been so inspiring to devotees all around the world. I can truly say I have always looked forward to every new presentation. My own copies have been marked many times. I have shared them with so many other devotees. Somehow each time they have appeared it has been so timely. — Bhakti Tirtha Swami

Someone recently directed me to your site and it is encouraging to see this kind of preaching continuing some years now after Sri Gour Govinda Maharaja has departed. — Swami B.V. Tripurari

I heartily approve the spirit of this message. — Jagadananda Das (Jan Brzezinski), Toronto

I'm a journalist from the "Economic Times", Bangalore edition, trying to be a vaishnavi. I have always loved "Krishna Kathamrita Bindu" and the excellent books you publish. "Krishna Kathamrita Bindu" and "Mathura Meets Vrindavan" are so good. I repeatedly tell stories to people from them while preaching. — Chandni Raj, Bangalore

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