Cows Slaughtered for Manufacturing Mridangas

Dear Devotees, I am from India and have an export business where I ship out handicrafts, garments and all material related to devotional purposes to several temples. Also, I supply mrdangas to temples situated in the west.

I always wanted to know where the skin or the leather is procured from for the mrdanga manufacture.

This year My workers went personally to Mayapur and spoke to many mrdanga manufacturers and they were told that they procure it from a local Muslim agents who supplies cows’ skin for making the mrdangas. They were also told that cows are slaughtered for making mrdanga skins. Calves are slaughtered for their skin as they gives excellent sound.

Devotees are supposed to protect cows but now we are indirectly involved in promoting cow slaughter in the name of manufacturing mrdangas for the promotion of Nama Sankirtana. According to the scriptures, Mrdanga skin should be obtained from the skin of naturally dead cows and not by slaughtering them.

Every Gaudiya Vaishnava organization should see that their centers and followers get their mrdangas supplied in a proper way otherwise society and devotees would be a party to sin of slaughtering the cows and calves. The Gaudiya societies should have tie up with goshalas in their places and procure the skin from naturally dead cows.

I have made this report after a serious survey and there is no ulterior motives.

Your servant,
Mahendra das

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