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Trivikrama Maharaja India 88 5/11/96 Mathura x91On Onenessx92

First of all, I am begging mercy from you, I am begging apologies for my late appearance. Srila Narayana Maharaja has accused me of being late. I have told lateness and advaitaness are both connected with one. On one side advaitaness and the other side lateness. Both are connected with one and the same. ??To culture one is devotion and advaitavad. There is apparently a difference . Everyone tries to feel to understand the position between one unit from two units. You know in the theory of advaitavadi is there is nothing but one and in devotional achievement they are also saying the same thing. They are also saying suda advaitavad, without advaitavad nothing is told, and save and except advaitavad. Advaitavad is the difference of religion. If the climax is hot of realization then it is from understanding of one,is the main thing. And what is that one? Everyone tries to reach the one, and that is the climax. In advaitavadi he is also trying to understand the oneness and in advaitavad also advaitavadi is being told oneness is the goal.

We heard that Krsna did not come to Braja from Matura and Dwarka and other sides. When He left Braja he use to send agents such as Uddhava and Baladeva etc. to give satisfaction and consolation to the devotees, but He personally did not appear there. And what is the main cause? It was not clear in our scriptures because we are not fit for that teaching. We do not want it really though we praise it we cannot understand this thing. So high it is. So it is not narrated.

Radharani became very much sorry as if that, and we are accusing Krsna then how cruel he is. The greatest lover has been cheating like that? This is cruelty to us. We sincerely become being a devotee do not wish to have that position because it is suffering. We think it is suffering not enjoyment. We think it is suffering, is there anyone who suffers like Radharani? No.

Srila Narayana Maharaja: Krsna is more suffering than Radharani

Srila Trivikrama Maharaja: It may be so, that suffering is not suffering.

Srila Narayana Maharaja: Always suffering for Srimati Radharani

Srila Trivikrama Maharaja: Suffering is not suffering. In oneness there is no suffering. No one cares. No loss, everything fullness remains there and conceiving of that oneness, and considering of that fullness is the philosophy.

Radharani was not put into pain or sorrow but the greatest delight or pleasure was awarded to Her by Lord Krsna, by Her lover. The greatest love. And why did He not come to, and again what is the harm that sort of enjoyment will be stopped, for this reason He did not come. Such as one drinker, user of wine, drinks wine and in his climate he becomes mad and senseless, but if anyone tries to put any medicine by which that sort of madness or affect of wine may lose, he will not accept it. If the liquor of tamarind is provided to him, he will not accept it, he will refuse it, why? In that position of climax is the sweetest to him.

So if Krsna would come to Radharani in Braja then the greatest delight would be stopped or hindered and this is the reason why He did not come. This is devotion, climax of devotion in dualism, in bhaktivada. And advaitavadi also tries to feel the oneness. Both are trying to feel the oneness, but one is from one side and the other is the opposite side. Oneness is felt by advaitavadi also, so they are saying there is nothing else but one. They are saying there is nothing but one, and in devotion also that sort of oneness is felt, no self knowledge remaining there. It is a kind of oneness. Thankyou.

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