Hindu civilization is unique

The Hindu civilization is unique in that it defies being classified as ancient India, medieval India and modern or contemporary India. While this classification is true of countries and nations that have a pre-Christian and/or pre-Islamic history and even true of Christian nations where Christianity itself over time has undergone radical changes in its core contents resulting in a sharp disconnect between say medieval England and contemporary England, the core features of Indian/Hindu civilisational character has endured and remained the same. Hinduism poses the biggest challenge to the predatory Abrahamic faiths for just two reasons:

Hinduism alone has demonstrated how Hindus, while possessing a strong sense of ‘us’, have dealt with ‘them’ without annihilating ‘them’, without destroying ‘their’ way of life or belief systems, and without violating ‘their’ societies. And that is why Hindus never conquered territory to destroy ‘them’, never waged aasuric wars as part of their core belief or as a matter of faith, never undertook murderous, homogenizing missions. Historically, before post-independent Indian public discourse re-defined ‘Hindu tolerance’ and ahimsa, Hindus and Hindu society have also demonstrated that independent of state support or state power, they are capable of defending their dharma, their core beliefs and their territory from predatory religions which threatened their way of life and worldview. And this, for Islam, Christianity, Marxism and their state supporters and terrorist methods, is the bigger challenge.

Outside of territories governed by Sanatana Dharma the world has not known spontaneous or harmonious diversity where diversity is accepted as the way of Creation and existence. Christian and Islamic countries have been homogeneous by the very nature of their religion. Homogenizing societies and nations is a violent political intent realized by religion and vise versa and even after two thousand years of bloody history and pervasive destruction of other cultures and nations it doesn’t look like either Islam or Christianity will give up their homogenizing mission as the fundamental purpose for existence.


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