6th Annual Vrinda Kunda Festival

We would like to invite everyone to come and join the 6th Annual Festival of the opening of Vrinda Devi's new Temple from Feb. 9th to 22nd. This is the best time of year, the weather is perfect. Last year one of my godbrothers who came remarked that if I knew the weather was like this in February, I would have come every year at this time! Almost every morning, we will be going from Krishna Balarama Mandir to visit the wonderful pastime places of Braja and returning for lunch.

Especially for those who are going to Lokanatha's Temple opening in Aravade from Feb 6-8 and wondering what to do until Mayapur festival, this is a great opportunity. Many devotees also like to come and visit Vrindavan first as the weather after Gaura Purnima is quite hot.

On Sunday Feb. 22nd we will be doing the annual Kalasha Yatra where the ladies carry water pots with colorful cloth and coconuts on their heads and we do a Sankirtan Procession around Nandagoan, up to the temple, and then to Vrinda Kunda. This has become and unforgettable experience for all who have taken part. There we will have wonderful Krishna Katha, butter churning, ecstatic aratika, and then delicious feast for all the Vaisnavas. Then all the devotees can help feed all the Nandagaon Brijavasis.

So please make you plans now and come join us for ecstatic parikramas of Braja and a lovely festival at Vrinda Kunda! And remember all parikramas for Sannyasis and Prabhupada disciples and their accompanied family members are free of charge.

In service to Srimati Vrinda Devi,
Deena Bandhu dasa

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