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Ratha Yatra In Vrindavan

The 3rd Ratha Yatra of Murari Guptas Sri Jagannath was performed with enthusiasm in Chaitanya Baitag, the resting place of Mahaprabhu.

Ratha Yatra In Costa Rica

Devotees in Costa Rica have introduced a new style of cart for Jagannath which even can be taken inside shopping malls and similar places.

Guidelines For Submitting News

The Vaishnava Internet News Agency exists to be a conduit of Vaishnava-related news items and articles to the global community of devotees. In order to effectively provide this service, we need your assistance.

This site was founded for the explicit purpose of providing a respectable forum for the presentation of Vaishnava news. We have consistently refused to publish articles or information whose sole purpose is to lay bare the faults of others. (even if well-deserved). Whereas we recognize that problems within any institution should be addressed and not swept under the carpet, we do not feel that a public medium such as a news page is the proper place to do this. It is our feeling that the positive contributions of devotees around the world far outweigh intrapersonal and intraorganizational feuds and differences.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati is often quoted as stating that there is unlimited news from the spiritual world and we can publish a newspaper every minute, what to speak of every day, and never run out of anything to say. Nonetheless, we need your assistance. We here at VINA are limited, and our global contacts are also limited.

VINA was started by a handful of persons who are all disciples (either diksha or siksha) of Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa. This short list includes four persons: Dharmaraj das and Anandamaya das brahmacaris, who took diksha from Jagad Guru, and Purandar das and Tusta Krishna das, who took diksha from Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad. The WVA Internet Committee under the coordination of Pancha tattva das from the Vrinda mission has taken the responsibility to manage VINA today.

However, VINA was explicitly established to provide news and information about all legitimate Vaishnava institutions and preachers.If you want your spiritual master and your organization to be represented on this site, it is your duty to submit news and articles about the same, as the VINA staff does about our own spiritual masters. Quite simply, if this site is to succeed, it’s up to you to make it happen. If you have any news about local, national or global events; if you have any interesting preaching anecdotes; if you have excerpts from lectures or papers by senior Vaishnavas, please send them to us and we will do our best to publish them promptly.

We reserve the right to publish extracts of the material sent to us. VINA may not share all the opinions exposed in the different articles.

We would be very happy if many members of different missions and in different parts of the world assume the service of a VINA correspondent by sending us information on a regular base.


The Editorial Staff

WVA Representative Meets Slovenian President

Our president, Dr. Janez Drnovsek, one of the last presidents of former Yugoslavia and former prime minister of Slovenia, started to seriously move in the spiritual direction and he also revealed it publicly.

Grenade Attack at Iskcon Temple in Manipur

A Krishna temple was the victim of a bomb blast on Wednesday, August 16th. Unknown assailants threw a hand grenade into a crowd of people sitting under a large tent outside of the Iskcon temple.

Deity Installation & WVA Meeting Berlin 2006

On 22. of July, 2006 Sri Sri Radha Govinda made their appearance in Berlin. Devotees from different parts of the world came to attend the installation ceremony which was organized by Vrinda.

Transplants and Transfusions

Transcendental knowledge cannot cure disease because it does not have the power to stop karma that is already manifesting (prarabdha-karma). Scripture says that only bhakti has this power.

The Power of Dharma

This book has been especially written for those who want an easy reference and introduction to the Vedic philosophy and tradition. It provides many insights into the timeless wisdom of Vedic spirituality.

Iskcon’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

This year, 2006, marks the 40th anniversary of the Incorporation of ISKCON. To celebrate, ISKCON of New York, Brooklyn and ISKCON 26 2nd Ave are combining forces to put together a terrific celebration.

Cows Slaughtered for Manufacturing Mridangas

My workers went personally to Mayapur and spoke to many mrdanga manufacturers. They procure cow skin from local Muslim agents and these cows are slaughtered for making mrdanga skins.