Vaishnava Publications

The Game of Self-realisation

Designed to introduce newcomers to the wonderful aspects of sanatan dharma, this board game is recommended for people aged  8 to 8o. It even provides entertainment to serious devotees who will want to find time to play.

Letters by Srila B.B. Tirtha Goswami Maharaj published in Hindi

A much awaited sweet collection of divine letters affectionately written by Gurudeva Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaja ji to various devotees at different...

Back to Vaikuntha published in Malay language

Ambarish das from Malaysia recently published Srila B.V. Narayan Maharajas book "Back to Vaikuntha". To obtain a copy, you can contact him at:

New Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math Website

With rare audio recordings of Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhava Goswami Maharaja and video recordings of Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaja.

Hare Krishna Documentary Retells Life Of Founder

by RJ Schaffer When Yadubara Das became a member of the Hare Krishna movement in 1970, he was assigned to become a filmmaker. That assignment has...

Gaudiya Touchstone E-Magazine is Now Online!

Readers of this tri-annual electronic magazine will find articles on Vaisnava philosophy, science, archaeology, biographies, interviews, history, culture, art, music, tidbits of practical wisdom, photography, culinary magic and more.

New Book On Food Released Internationally

According to United Nations, a disease tsunami is sweeping the world. Humanity is dying out. This is the result of our deep ignorance about our food. Food processing and health care are now multi-trillion dollar industries.

New Gokul Magazine

GOKUL (Global Organisation of Krishnachaitanya's Universal Love) has published third issue of it's new magazine "The Message of Universal Divine Love". The highlights of issue are: Meaning of Krishna's Pastimes...

New Issue of Krishna Kathamrita Magazine

Gopal Jiu Publications is pleased to announce the release of the long-awaited 12th issue of Sri Krishna Kathamrita Magazine, "The Hidden Identity of Lord Jagannath". Topics include: * Srila Prabhupada's...

New Book On Vraja Dhama

As a service to devotees, holy dham and acharyas, we have released the book ‘Wondrous Glories of Vraja’.