Philosophical Articles

The Rtvik Conception of Guru Parampara

Srila Prabhupada did not evolve or create an entirely new system of initiation. He simply adjusted some of the details of Gaudiya Vaisnava initiation in consideration of unprecedented circumstances.

The Standard of Living in Gaudiya Math

To ensure that there is no place for laziness, bad conduct, trivial thought, gossip, or vulgar desire in the math, you have to go from door to door, where your hari-kirtana will be tested by the public.

Sri Siksastakam

All glories to Sri Krishna sankirtan! It cleanses the mirror of the mind; it extinguishes the blazing conflagration of material life; it spreads the moon rays that make the white lotus of auspiciousness bloom.

Slavery to Banks: A Vedic Prophecy

As related in the Bhagavata Purana, at the start of Kali-yuga, King Pariksit declared that the seeds of evil will manifest in four things: intoxication, gambling, illicit sex, and the killing of innocent creatures.

Codeword for Sahajiyas

Both love in union and love in separation are most venerable.To intelligently discuss all this in context, one must be well studied. Most importantly, one must be highly realized to understand this topic in any real depth.

Faith in Sri Guru

We should approach Sri Guru bearing our heart in hand, offering it in divine service. Sri Guru will then take our heart and offer it to Sri Krsna, who has lost his own heart to his unalloyed devotees.

Final Instructions

I have disturbed many people because I felt myself obliged to speak the unadulterated truth. I have told everyone to worship Hari without hypocrisy and because of this some people perhaps considered me to be their enemy.

Aryan Invasion – History or Politics?

The evidence of science now points to two basic conclusions: first, there was no Aryan invasion, and second, the Rigvedic people were already established in India no later than 4000 BCE.

Meditation Techniques and the Holy Name

It is often said that we are doing mantra meditation, so I was wondering if our acaryas or the sastra have recommended any particular techniques that we can use while doing mantra meditation?

Narasingha Pranati

We find the worship of Narasingha in Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's adi and madhya lilas, but it is for the most part absent in his antya-lila. His antya-lila is filled with exclusive worship of Govinda in the bhava of Radha.