Philosophical Articles

The Nature of the Guileless Servant of Sri Guru

What is the nature of the guileless servant of śrī guru? Were a servant of śrī guru truly selfless, he would consider śrī guru to be devatātmā – that is, he would consider him to be [non-different from] the Supreme Lord (devata) and the one person truly worthy of his love and affection (dear like his own ātmā).

The Genuine Commentary on The Source of Religion

We often hear that the different systems of religious currents in India have more or less derived their origin from different interpretations of Vedānta. No one is recognized as the leader of the school unless he can maintain his position as commentator on Vedānta-darśana.

Scarcity: the Fruit of Illusion

Ecologists, economists, sociologists, etc., are greatly concerned with the population explosion, for they hypothesize that as the population continues to increase by leaps and bounds, the eventual result will be insufficient natural resources

Sri Saradiya Purnima

On the occasion of the annual festival of the worship of Goddess Durga, Hindu India has started feeling the pulse of a new national awakening. Grand arrangements for this festival are particularly seen in Bengal.

All Rests on Balarama

by Swami B.V. Tripurari Balarama conceives of himself first and foremost as Krishna’s friend. However, within his sense of fraternal love for Krishna, he also...

The Significance of Purushottama-month

According to our almanac every three years, one month is added. This is done to harmonize the lunar month (Chandra-maas) with the solar month (Soar-Maas). The inserted month is known as 'Purusottama'...

Deva-deva Jagat-pate

One of the foremost philosophical points for a devotee to understand is the distinction between the Absolute Truth and His subordinates.

Veda Slovena

Bulgarian folk songs from pre-historical and pre-christian time, discovered in Thrace and Macedonia and published by Stefan I. Verkovich in 1874. The author has been collecting these songs for more than 10 years.

Deviations of the Acarya

by Srila B.R. Sridhara Deva Goswami We generally see that there is a tendency for the acarya to depend more on his own disciples. He...

About Guru and Vaisnavas

Supreme Lord is Transcendental, His Absolute Counterpart Grace-incarnate Form Gurudeva is also Transcendental. They are both beyond comprehension of the conditioned souls of the world. Only a bona fide surrendered soul can narrate Transcendental qualities of Supreme Lord and His Absolute Counterpart Gurudeva, to the extent of his degree of submission.