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Tulsi and Radhannath Swami meeting with top people in Silicon Valley

On September 26th, 2015 Radhanath Swami joined Democratic Congresswoman and Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Tulsi Gabbard for a discussion on “Leadership Sutras...

Lord is there, where there is bhakti

"Lord is there, where there is bhakti, where there is devotion. There is no question of institution." Srila B.B. Bodhayan Swami, 23/7/2015 Hawaii

Meeting with Barack Obama

Radhanath Swami with President Obama

Do not calumniate other people’s nature

by Bhakti Vichar Vishnu Maharaja "My advice is that you not calumniate other people's nature, but rather that you rectify yourselves" - Jagadguru His Divine Grace...