Dham Preservation

Care for Cows Land Appeal

The Care for Cows Clinic is hosted on a friend's land in Raman Reti and we plan to purchase it to insure stability and make further improvements. The half-acre is valued at Rs. 2 crore or US $500,000.

Brajvasi, Brajhansi, Brajphansi or Brajnashi

Those who do not care for the status, origin or material background of a person are called Brajvasi. Nobody will ever go away from a Brajvasi home without being properly fed. A Brajhansi is somebody ridiculing Braj...

Grab that Service!

A couple of days ago a devotee from Russia, Mother Tusti came into the office in Vrindavan where I work as a researcher and requested me to look at the Samadhi of Raghunath das Goswami in Radha Kund.

Vrindavan on the move

Famous landmark Keshi ghat is undergoing restoration. The first sight of Vrindavan people used to have when there were no roads was the Keshi ghat, when the boat was arriving from Mathura to Vrindavan.

Streams Of Filth

In a fantasy India, a cinematic, a fictitious one, the River always flows with serene timelessness. Wherever it goes – icy crags, dusty, thirsty plains or through heavy, damp air – the River contains spiritual depth...

Bengal to Save Ganga Bank at Mayapur

In january the Bengal government will start to save the holy banks of the Ganges river in Mayapur starting from Nandanacarya bhavan down to Hoola-ghat. Nandanacarya Bhavan is the original place where Sri Caitanya...

Kankan Kunda Revealed!

Yesterday we got a call from Radha Kunda that Kankan Kunda has finally been revealed. The cleaning of Radha Kunda had recently been started as Shyama Kunda cleaning is complete. Everyone was anticipating...

Sri Radha Damodara Mandir Development Project

On April 15, 2009 ground was broken by Sri Krishna Balarama Goswami Maharaja, His Holiness Bhakti SriRupa Madhava Maharaja and Sri Haridas Babaji Maharaja for Srila Rupa Goswami’s Kirtan Mandapa...

Discovery of Vrindavan (16-18th century)

This era was marked by a presence of several important personalities. After making an extensive pilgrimage of Bharata Bhumi (India) Sripada Madhavendra Puri began the restoration work of Vrindavan.

Third Sandipani Muni School Opens In Vrindavan

A third Sandipani Muni School, which will provide free education for poor children in Lord Krishna’s birthplace of Vrindavana, India, will open on October 23rd.