Dham Preservation

Celebration of the World Forestry Day

FoV celebrates the World Forestry day in Chhota Munger Mandir, Vrindavan. Trees are the only supplier of the oxygen. It cannot be produced in any industries. Oxygen is the life source of a human being.

Service Opportunities with Braj Foundation

We research, survey and prepare detailed plans and proposals (in English) for submission to government departments, international aid organizations, companies and individuals for support and funding.

Prabhupada’s Rooms at Radha Damodar Temple

Recently an announcement was posted on "Dandavats.com" wherein Shyamakrishna Das, representative of ISKCON Vrindavan informed all the devotees around the world that "Srila Prabhupada's Bhajan-kutir is now re-opened."

Yamuna International Arts Academy

This is an ambitious school project with the aim of providing a balanced modern and spiritual education. The school has been started by a gurukuli to fulfill the wish of Srila Prabhupada, who wanted to create modern saints.

Sadhus Fight Against Globalization

Swami Ram Dev, preaching against multinationals, has become national hero in the last year. He has drawn the attention of hundreds and thousands of people, encouraging them to use Coca Cola to wash their toilets.

Kaliya Ghat Restoration

The Kund Restoration Group has taken the initiative to restore the ancient Kaliya Ghat in Vrindavan. The project was inaugurated by Srila B.V. Narayan Maharaja on October 8, 2006 and the completion date is January 1, 2007.

Rs 1.78 Crore Swiss Gift to Puri Temple

Starved of resources, the Jagannath temple at Puri could not have got a better gift a month ahead of the annual rath yatra: a Swiss woman has donated a whopping Rs 1.78 crore to the 12th century shrine.