Introduction: The Hidden Prabhupada series

Dearest god sisters and godbrothers, members of ISKCON and of the Gaudiya Math,

There is a feature of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada which has clearly been hidden from our sight. Many things about one of the greatest souls who walked on earth to give Krishna’s love to the whole world are still unknown. An example of this are the letters he exchanged with many of his godbrothers. In his letters he expressed an intense desire, appreciation, humility and readiness for cooperation. You can see so much love in these letters, understanding why Srila Prabhupada was an empowered preacher. These letters are not known to the devotees, ISKCON members were told not to trust anybody else in the Gaudiya Math, and that Prabhupapa was the only saint, that he alone had spread the Holy Name all over the world, and that nobody else had anything good to say, or good to do, and were not successful in any way. Therefore, many devotees have misunderstood the saints of the Gaudiya tradition who are initiated in other branches of the same mission. They have a totally distorted attitude which leads them to easily commit offenses and to lose the most precious association, as well as the desire to cooperative with other missions. But let’s leave it at that. I won’t say any more.

Even I was affected by this ¨anti-Gaudiya-matha¨ propaganda and therefore I would like you to read many of those letters yourself so you can make up your own minds. That´s what we have got our intelligence for. See what Prabhupada had in mind and see how much generosity came from him. I am not saying that he never got angry with anyone, but don´t forget: just before he left this world he asked every temple and every Gaudiya Acarya to be given a donation and to be asked for forgiveness due to anything he may have said wrongly about them during the time he preached. He personally said the same to Srila Bhakti Pramode Puri Maharaj, to Srila Bhakti Vedanta Narayan Maharaj and to many others. They generally said that he hadn´t committed any offense, and that he had just been protecting his neophyte children. However, when the neophyte children repeat the offenses for which Prabhupada asked to be excused, and repeat them again and again, repeating them until they are engrained into their brains as eternal truths, showing an attitude of negativity towards other Vaisnavas so much so that there’s practically no communication, no sincerity and no heart to heart relationships, then we must realize that we have committed a big mistake, a big blunder. I hope that these letters, when you read them, will awaken the awareness of who the real Prabhupada was and continues to be, which has until now, been hidden from our sight.

Signed by,

Swami BVA Acarya, Swami BA Paramadvaiti, Askalita dasa, Mrganatha Acarya, Mathura Mandala dasa

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