Report: WVA-VVRS meeting in Vrindavan 2018 (5th November)

wva meeting vrindavan

by Vina staff

The meeting was streamlined and had quite a few elements to push on the work of the Visva Vaisnava Raj Sabha. With two new official registrations, the WVA will get more institutional support from the Bengal Government.

Honorable speakers included many Acaryas such as the current President of the WVA Srila Gopanananda Bon Maharaja, Srila Paryatok Maharaja, Srila Madhusudan Maharaja, Srila Madhusudana Maharaja from Tirtha Ashram, retired Judge Ajit Kumar Nayak who also manages a temple of descendants of Mahaprabhu’s associate.

Balaram Baba came as a guest of honour and we had a lovely international presence of leading preachers. A total of 80 people joined our conference. Svarup Damodara Prabhu represented Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math and emphasised the need to continue every possible effort to reach the goals of the VVRS.

With another 11 days of VVRS-Festival at Imlitala in Vrindavan, it was decided to break down the big meeting into small department meetings to achieve more results. Although larger gatherings get a lot of hari-katha nectar, smaller meetings are better productive-wise.

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