VVRS Meeting in Poland

Spoken by Srila BV Tripurari Maharaj on the VVRS meeting in poland on the 21 Juli, 2018

The idea of Srila Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaja for the World Vaishnava Association as I understood at that time (1993) was in one sense to forge a meaningful interaction and relationship among the different institutions who are representing Mahaprabhu that those institutions themselves will be nourished by their differences. They all have the same philosophy but we see; Oh, they do it a little bit different here. They sing that song here at this time and this time here at that time. And we see in the practical result of the philosophy and its universality, so to speak, from its depth is coming also the breath of universality and that difference being ornamenting, as I said, the unity. You can be nourished by that. But you can be nourished by that as you go to another math and see: oh they do it differently here and understand that what I thought may be was a principle was only a detail that could be adjusted and then we start to become a little more flexible and atuned to the essential truth of the teaching. Very important point!

So this kind of communication between the devotees at the WVA was conceived at the foster and have a great potential to nourish the devotees. 

What will Srila Gopananada Bon Maharaj say? And everyone is on the edge of their seats, for example. Very exciting!

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