Breaking: Four seater yogic floating device unveiled

    The Maharishi institute for enlightenment just announced the invention of a four seater yogic floating device powered by TM technology. The floating device was in development for over 20 years. It simply requires four experienced yogi hoppers to concentrate conjointly with one of them steering the device at the maximum elevation level of 0.35 meters.

    The copyright bureau has already received the initial blueprints for granting copyrights to the device and the production department already complained about the back orders due to incredible unexpected demands.

    The estimated selling price of the device is 178.000 USD which includes safety cushions in case of unexpected failure of the yogic process to avoid people being hurt in the crash. Paris Motor Show requested the Maharishi Institute to exhibit the floating four seater at their 2018 automobile show which will take place from 04-14 October 2018.

    Test Pilot taking a break outside of the Maharishi Institute


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