Lord Narisimha Dev and Sri Prahlad

by Bhakti Vichar Vishnu Maharaja

Satiated by the prayers of devotee Prahlad, Lord Nrisimha deva wished to grant a boon to him, but Sri Prahlad had no desire of taking any boon.

The person who serves the Lord with the desire for worldly pleasures or for the Lord’s blessings to get worldly benefit is not an actual servitor but a trader. Then Lord Nrisimha deva said that if He did not give Prahlad a boon, His designation as Varad-arshabha, the Supreme Conferrer of boons, would be defamed. So Sri Prahlad replied — O Lord, if You wish to grant me a boon, please grant me the boon that there may not be any desire in my heart to ask a boon from You.

Lord Nrisimha deva replied — This cannot be accepted as your prayer for a boon because you have deceived Me.

Sri Prahlad then submitted this prayer to Lord Nrisimha deva — My father struck Your holy body with his mace and he behaved maliciously with me because I worship You. Kindly purify him.

Lord Nrisimha deva said to Sri Prahlad – Your father has seen Me and received My touch. Did this not purify him? O Prahlad ! do you think the dynasty in which you have taken birth is still impure? Along with you, twenty-one of your ancestral generations have become purified.

trih-saptabhih pita putah pitribhih saha te nagha
yat sadho sya kule jato bhavan vai kula-pavanah
(Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.10.18)

(O sinless one, O sadhu, Your father has become pure along with twenty-one forefathers. The reason for this is that having taken birth in their dynasty, you have become the purifier of that dynasty.)

Lord Sri Nrisimha deva has two dispositions. He is terrible with non-devotees, but with devotees, He is very affectionate and caring.

The favour of Lord Sri Nrisimha deva is very necessary for neophyte devotees who have the weakness of non-eternal propensities.

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