Travel itinerary of Srila B.V. Bishnu Maharaja

Srila B.V. Bishnu Maharaja

All glories to Sri Guru & Gouranga

Dear devotees and friends! Please accept my humble pranam. It is my pleasure to inform you regarding my world tour. According to my previous schedule I completed the Europe tour. I arrived in Vienna Radha Govinda temple yesterday. Tomorrow I will travel to Mexico via Frankfurt. Please see detail itinerary for Mexico South America and USA.

26-04 Vienna to Mexico via Frankfurt. Will arrive same day evening in Central America.
29-04 Guadalajara,
03-05 Monterrey,
07-05 Monterrey to Mexico City,
(09-05 Nrisimha chaturdasi)
15-05 Colombia, Bogota , South America,
24-05 Miami – North America , USA,
30-05 NC USA ,
02-06 NC Charlotte,
05-06 Dallas TX ,
08-06 Arrive San Jose ,
14-06 Seattle WA USA ,
19-06 San Francisco CA , USA ,
21-06 departure to Delhi
22-06 Delhi to Bhubaneswar and attend Rathayatra at Puri on 25-06-2017.

Jay Jagannath.

In the service to Sri Hari Guru Vaishnabs,
B.V. Bishnu Maharaja

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