Braj Vrindavan Act Now Meeting and the Inauguration of ‘Prabhupada Vijaya’


by Swami B.V. Giri

In Vrndavana, on the morning of Sunday 23rd October, there was a meeting of the Braj Vrindavan Act Now committee, which was attended by hundreds of prominent local leaders, vrajavasis and devotees. The programme was well-organised by the devotees of the VRINDA Mission and their kind hospitality was much appreciated by all the participants and guests. All the speakers spoke about the tragic environmental situation in Vrndavana and made practical suggestions as to how the problems could be rectified.

Sripad Bhakti Bhavana Vishnu Maharaja also spoke and took the opportunity to inaugurate Gosai Publishers new publication, ‘Prabhupada Vijaya’ – a compilation of articles and talks by Swami B.G. Narasingha Maharaja in glorification of Srila Prabhupada and a delineation of the guru principle found within Gaudiya Vaisnava siddhanta. Vishnu Maharaja presented a copy to Sripad B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaja, founder-acarya of the VRNDA mission and co-founder of the World Vaisnava Association (WVA).

Prabhupada Vijaya is presently available at the book store in Sri Sri Radha-Damodara Temple in Vrndavana and will soon be available for international orders at

– Swami B.V. Giri

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