Obstinacy in Mind Makes it Unbalanced

bbtirthaby Srila B.B. Tirtha Goswami Maharaja

Sree Sree Guru Gauranga Jayatah!

Every conditioned soul in this world has got defects as well as good qualities. Gurudev’s nectarous saying was ‘Vilification or speaking ill of others is prohibited, because by that we pollute our minds. Vaisnavas never do anything out of a grudge. They never like to speak against anybody to belittle them’. Whatever they do, they do it for the eternal benefit of others. Vaisnavas are ‘Paramhamsa’. As a hamsa (swan) has got the capacity to extract milk from a mixture of milk and water, vaisnavas always see the good qualities in others and see defects in themselves. If we do not see our defects, we cannot rectify ourselves and we cannot have spiritual enhancement. When we have got any sort of obstinacy in our mind, if there be anything against it, we can become unbalanced and our real purpose of life, to worship Sri Krishna, may get lost. We should remember the ideal characters of Sri Prahlad Maharaj and Sri Ambarisa Maharaj — under all circumstances and severe oppressions they were calm and serene.

If we see maladjustment, we shall be disturbed and we cannot concentrate on the object of worship. We forget for what purpose we have come to the Math. We should adjust ourselves with the environment; we can never make the environment adjusted to us. Whatever we shall decide by our finite intellect will be wrong. ‘Saranagati’ is the best divine panacea of all diseases and problems.

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