Atmasfera concert – “Gauranga“, live at Woodstock UA 2015

“AtmAsfera” – is an internationally acclaimed world music band from Lviv, Ukraine whose mission is « World Music – World Peace ». Atmasfera plays world and indie music, combined with ethno-motifs from the entire world and ancient mantras in sanskrit. “AtmAsfera” is a multi-instrumental band that can be compared to a small orchestra because of the number of instruments used, namely flute, synthesizer, mandolin, sherter, drums, acustic, electro guitar and bass-guitar. Apart from the main instruments, there are a variety of percussions, various types of flutes, saxonette, xylophone and etnic drums. Has great experience in performing at festivals and events around the world, such as:
Moldejazz, The Global Battle of the Bands, Przystanek Woodstock, Pustie Holmi, Emergenza, MJR festival, Krayina Mriy, UEFA-Cup 2012, Finalist of the TV-show “Must Be The Music – Tylko muzyka”

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