Monkeys try to snatch baby from its mother

Monkeys are turning into a huge problem for both residents and visitors in Vrindavan. The problem started with stealing food, which increased to stealing clothes from open areas and robbing people of their spectacles. But it seems that the monkeys are going a bit further in their trouble making. A monkey tried to snatch a baby from its mother at Gaur Nagar. This not only injured the baby, but also gave serious wounds to the mother. Both have been admitted to the hospital.

Radhika, wife of Pankaj Chaoudhary a resident of Gaura Nagar, went to take in the clothes from the roof on late Monday evening. She was carrying her 5-month-old son Jagdish with her. As soon as she reached the roof, around a dozen monkeys attacked her from all sides and tried to snatch the baby from her. She ran back saving herself and the child, but by that time the infant had been injured on both head and shoulder. Radhika was also injured badly trying to save both their lives.

The baby and the mother were taken to a nearby clinic, where the doctor admitted the infant because of its serious condition.

The child’s father expressed concern that the monkeys had attacked his wife and baby without any provocation. “They have become too dangerous,” he said. He will report an FIR at the nearby Police station.

Monkeys attacked a motor cyclist also few days back

monkey-780x439A dozen monkeys also attacked a motorcyclist on Monday. Pandit Lakut Prasad, manager at Jiva Institute of Vaishnava Studies, was on his way from the Sheetal Chaaya area to Raman Reti.

He told our correspondent that he was passing through a narrow lane and saw a dozen monkeys sitting on both sides of the passage, leaving little way to pass. As soon as he came near them, they attacked and injured him. They also broke the headlight and indicator of the motorcycle. Passers-by ran to his help and saved him from getting serious injuries.

It seems that many of the she-monkeys have recently given birth and they may be extra skittish due to having very young babies themselves, feeling constantly in danger from human beings.

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