Time is of the essence


by Brahma-samhita das

Emperor Parikshit helplessly looked upon the sages as their arguments escalated back and forth. Each of them, out of love for him, desired to give the best answer to his inquiry “what are one supposed to do, standing in front of death?”

The curse of the child brahmin Shringi had given him a mere seven days to live.

He had left his family and royal comforts behind in preparation for the inevitable, embarked on a pilgrimage upstream along the bank of the ganges towards the dwelling of the sages. Time was of the essence. And now, his simple question had only started a passionate debate. Suddenly a naked boy in blooming youth came wandering about into the assembly of sages followed by a group of children throwing stones and dust and mocking him, “mad man!” “simpleton!” Yet the sages and the pure hearted emperor recognized in him all the symptoms of a great soul beyond all social and conventional boundaries. Even though covered in dust his brilliant effulgence settled the argument before he could even utter a word. All the sages agreed, their hearts united together in quire “Let him answer the question of our King!”

Rare are humans in this world. Rarer are humans truly human in nature. Rarer still are humans in pursuit to transcend their humanity all together, reaching for their higher nature, beyond death as eternal spirit. Utmost rare and extraordinary are the transcendentalist that cultivate devotion to the supreme Lord.

In Vedic revelation, the latter transcendentalists are divided in three with all the gray-scales in between. The neophyte devotee, the intermediate devotee and the spotless saintly devotee.

The neophyte devotee have gentle faith, coming from the world of borders and designations they use the same trying to protect their newfound faith. A glorious beginning. A bold step indeed, into a jungle of sounds.

Taking their first baby steps into an unknown world of faith, a world quite the opposite of the world they knew, they often try to strengthen their identity by belittling those whose practice is somewhat different from theirs. They can be heard to declare boldly” My way of devotion is the only way.” “My Guru is the only Guru.” “My mission is the only mission” “If you wish to commune with the divine, then you must pray just as I do” or even “your WVA is not the real WVA but my WVA is” etc.

Children may fight with one another, but adults don’t take offense even if provoked, wishing them good fortune as they patiently instruct them and give a good example for the children to follow.

The intermediate devotees are of two types. Neophytes whose heart has been purified by following in the footsteps of the pure, and the spotless devotee saint descending into the world of duality, inspired by love of God in the form of compassion. Owing to their personal realization of revelation, the intermediate devotees endeavor to broaden the borders of the land of faith and love that separates the envious and innocent materialists from coming within the embrace of the Lords family. They know how to properly respect and appreciate each devotee for what they are, thus they are fit to shelter the childlike neophytes, helping them to mature and grow, teaching them to serve the spotless devotees with their personal example.

The spotless saintly devotee of the Lord. Being completely liberated from faultfinding, these devotees are the agents of the spiritual realm of the Supreme Lord. Just as the dawning of the sun reveals the external, nature given form of all moving and non-moving living beings. So do the blessed encounter with a pure hearted devotee reveal the internal nature and potential qualities of the sincere adept.

The luminous Lord, dwelling within, shines forth into this world through the pure and transparent, unto those fortunate souls in their proximity. As the suns rays never know the nature of the shadows it dissipates, so do the spotless devotee remain unaware of the faults that linger in the heart of the living beings in this world.

We can only know the Lord through loving him. And love in its entirety through such surrendered devotees embodying it.

In their precious association we are given a chance to enter the inner family circle of the divine masculine and feminine source personas.

The mature intermediate devotees are the architects of the devotional culture that circumambulate in loving worship, the Lord in the heart of the spotless souls.

They warn the neophyte aspirants time and again, not to approach with preconceived notions from the illusory word of conflicting duality. To offend those that cannot take offense, offend the Lord, their lover. Such is the partial nature of love, siding with their beloved.

The childlike beginner are bound to make mistakes. Such is the nature of children. A minors mistake is a minor problem indeed. But if a child, carried by the steady marsh of time, matures externally into the responsibilities of an adult such as sheltering others, yet internally remain immature within the duality of designations and narrow borders, the minor problem have become a major one. The once alive and vibrant devotional culture left in their care then stagnates into an external institution and contemporary saints will be officially declared to be agents of illusion.

The deity of the Lord once dancing within and around the sanctum sanctorium, reciprocating with their devotees, breathing their prayers and eating their offerings of love will bid adieu, leaving but statues of marble, metal and wood. The memorial shrines of previous saints will turn into museums and their teaching confined within the small minds of adult children unable to understand them, what to speak of adopting them in a dynamic way according to time, place and circumstance.

Yet the devotional culture will continue the eternal reverential circumambulation around the contemporary saints and their close associates that ornaments Mother Earth like many jewel studded golden ornaments. Reflecting the sweet and charming attributes of the Supreme Lord.

The full presence of the Lord is found exclusively in the midst of those that love Him truly as love is all what matters to Him.

The revealed scriptures describes their qualities and other saints may direct us into their midst. Yet it takes a pure saint to know another, and in their superhuman humility they see all beings, humans, animals and plants alike, as superior to themselves. We cannot declare officially who is a pure saint and who is not unless we want to broadcast ourselves to be one, and in doing so, demonstrating the opposite. Therefore the blessed path of devotion eternally remains a mystic path, illuminated in the light of the subjective faith of the pilgrim walking.

Today, some 5000 years have passed since Emperor Parikshit drew his last breath on earth and departed to eternal abode of our Lord. The world today looks quite different, yet fundamental issues of our life have remained unchanged. Still we are strangers to death, still we crave for joy and always seeking to expand our sphere of awareness and understanding.

Our global culture of internet and airplanes have connected the many valleys of the world with each other. yet also separated them from its natural way of life. A life in harmony with our common mother, the earth.

In our urbanized civilization cement blocks separates us from the bosom embrace of our mother. Monocultures, genetic modification of the sacred code of biological formation, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and the damming of earths mighty rivers is slowly killing the sacred elemental personalities that maintain us out of parental affection. The intelligencia of mankind have betrayed the sages long ago, serving only to justify the malicious pact of corporations, bankers and politicians as they rape and pillage our earth.

5000 years ago the diverse sages from various schools of thought dwelling on the bank of the ganges harmonized their differences out of their love for the saintly emperor of the world. Today the world is an empire of commerce, blind to the wellbeing of the world and all its inhabitants, including themselves. An Empire no longer led by saintly leaders, leaving the whole world in need. This calls upon transcendentalists of all earths ancestral wisdom cultures to swiftly mature beyond the neophyte stage and unite as an answer to the need of today, the need of our beloved mother, the beautiful bride of the sunlike Lord of our heart.

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