Fine on DM, Government bodies for negligence of environment

ng3-780x517National Green Tribunal has fined the District Magistrate, Municipal Corporation and State Pollution Control Board for showing negligence towards the environment in Vrindavan. In the hearing happened today, NGT has fined the DM and other government bodies as they failed in implementing the law to save the environment.

As per the petition filed by Madhu Mangal Shukla on March 23rd, he has asked for sticter law against burning the garbage in Vrindavan and dumping the garbage at Yamuna river fronts. NGT deployed Mr. Rahul Khurana as it’s commisioner to Vrindavan to investigate the real status of the petition. As per the report submitted by the commissioner, the charges found were true to which NGT has shown strictness against the DM, Municial Corporation and State Pollution Control Board.

NGT has imposed a fine of 5 lac rupees on DM, 5 lac rupees on Municipal Corporation and 1 lac rupees fine on State Pollution Control Board for showing negligence and failing in implementing the law.

Lawyer of petitioner Mr. Rahul Chaoudhary told our correspondent that NGT has asked the DM, Municipal Corporation and Station Pollution Control Board to pay the fine by tomorrow. Also it has asked to the respective departments to implement the laws against garbage burning, garbage dumping and use of polythene bags. He also informed that NGT has give the time of one month to implement these laws in the city.

VT has already reported the environment issue earlier today and is the first one to report the fine imposed on concerned authorities.

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