Development funds are not really improving Vrindavan

11_05_2016-10mth111-780x361The Brajwasi Society has expressed its fury at the modernization of the holy town of Vrindavan. The society has also formed a “Save Vrindavan” organisation to save it from unwanted the holy nature of the city.

Bihari Lal Vashishth has told in the meeting that Government is not involving local bodies in the development process due to which the city is not getting the benefit out of it. This is resulting in the waste of crores of money which would have been used in a better way.

Sanjay Ballabh Gautam said that gaushalas have long been an integral part of the city. Many NGO’s are now using government funds in the name of cowsheds, but there is no local body governing these funds. Also, there is no land left where cows can be kept.

Anshu Yadav has asked the government for a better traffic management system as the city gets overly crowded in particular on special occasions and festivals. C.P. Sharma has showed his concern over the mordenization of the city. He said that Vrindavan is quickly becoming a concrete jungle and this needs to be stopped. Development should be done in such a way that it safeguards the cultural value, heritage and resources of the holy city.

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