Naimisharanya, Part 5

Among the many inconceivable pastimes that have taken place at the Holy Dhama of Naimisharanya are those of the great sage Dadhichi. Maharishi Dadhichi was not only a highly advanced rishi, but also a great Vedic king. He was the son of Atharvan and the father of Maharishi Pippalada.

Dadhichi’s mother, Atharva Rishi’s wife, was Chitti, the daughter of the sage Kardam. His wife’s name was Swarcha. Dadhichi’s name is found in the 1st mandala of Rigveda, in the Bhagavata Purana, Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, and in the Puranas. Dadhichi Rishi is said to be the forefather of many other great rishis and clans, such as the Dadhich, who claim to be his direct descendants.

Dadhichi donated his bones to the Devathas, so they could make a weapon to defeat the Vritra asura. This demon was a brahmin who became the head of the Asuras. Not a demon such as the demigods who take the part of demons in order to participate in the Lord’s lilas, this Vritasura was inherently demoniac, and violently battled the Devas.

Murti of Dadhichi Maharishi

They Devas eventually took shelter of Lord Indra, and they approached Lord Vishnu for assistance. He advised them that Vritrasura could not be destroyed by ordinary means, and that a special weapon would be required to slay him – a weapon made from the bones of a great sage.

Although the Devathas doubted that such a sage would freely donate his bones, Visnu directed them to Rishi Dadhichi. When approached, the great sage gladly gave up his bones for the benefit of mankind, and these Indra used to make the Vajra thunder weapon.

A few kilometers away from Naimisharanya is the Dadhichi Kund in Mishrik, where the great sage bathed in the waters of the holy tank before giving his bones, and his mortal life.

The place where Dhadhichi sacrificed his backbone

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