Development progress slowing in Vrindavan: Commissioner

place_63_a-780x308The committee formed under DM Rajesh Kumar to report on development in Vrindavan submitted its findings on Wednesday. According to the report, the development rate in the last financial year has been slow in comparison to previous years.

The committee stated that in previous years Mathura district had been leading all districts in UP for work executed by the electricity board, health department and water boards, but now the situation is opposite.

Commissioner Pradeep Bhatnagar speaking at the conference hall of Collectorate said that the city development rate has declined in comparison to the previous financial year. The figures for March appear to show this trend is continuing. Tax collection as well as the growth of health department and electricity board have all declined.

Progress in the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification scheme has also slowed down. The concerned officers blamed the late receipt of funds from the government for the slow growth rate.

The Commissioner asked that electricity meters be installed in every village to stop illegal use of electricity. Also, the water tax should be submitted timely without any delay.

The health department has failed to use all the funds allotted under the Janani Suraksha Yojna for the protection of new mothers. The Commissioner asked the Chief Medical Officer Vivek Mishra to explain for unsatisfactory progress made.

“Non-payment of post pregnancy dues to women who delivered babies in the hospital and at other government delivery centres, non payment of incentive Ashas workers, is an attempt to malign the prestige of the government and ensure the failure of the scheme,” said the Commissioner while seeking the CMO’s explanation.

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