Chanting the Holy Name purifies everyone

by Srila B.V. Puri Goswami Maharaja

The trees are there. All the trees. They will perform sankirtan and they will be purified. And the sea will be purified. And air will be purified. And the people who have come here enjoying sea shore, they will be purified. And all the animals can be purified. Those who are here, they cannot repeat, they are here, they will be sublime, they can become sanctified, they also will be sanctified. They also will be purified. Now we are doing great service to the whole nature. Not only human beings; the beasts, birds, the animals and the trees and the leaves. All will become.


They listen to your namam. It is transcendental namam. It can make them alive. Now, when they hear the namam, they stand still. They hear your namam. They are all fortunate. We make them fortunate, we make them happy. They will never have to come in tree life. All the people, who listen to your namam, sing with us, repeat the namam. They will, definitely will esate changed. We have done greatest service to the nation. All of us. They never heard, they have never heard sadhus, mahatmas, vaisnavas repeating namam. They never heard. Now they have heard. And the birds also. All this sea and the fish and the sea, and life that lives in the water, they also will be sanctified. How will anybody be sanctified?

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

It is the greatest service to the humanity. Those who are going down and down, going to hell and who are ignorant, he doesn’t know what the life is. They think life is only to eat and drink and sleep and mate. No. No. Life is not like that. Life is to know the Supreme Lord, see the Supreme Lord, hear the Supreme Lord, sing the glories of the Lord, sing the glories of the saint. Then you will be happy. Then you will be satisfied. Then you can enjoy peace. Peace cannot be enjoyed without the association of a sadhu. Without the blessings of the sadhu, without the blessings of the saint we cannot enjoy peace, we cannot enjoy happiness. Only if you will be repeating of Divine Name you could become happy. All throughout this life you will be happy. You will be happy. If you hear one, we are chanting so many times namam, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna. They will be purified. They will never born again. They will enjoy the eternal nectar. And you will be happy. You have done great service to all the trees and birds. They are standing still, listening your namam, seeing your dancing. They cannot talk, but they can hear. They cannot talk, but they can hear. They have got ears, they have got ears. No mouth to speak. Also we have got mouth. We can speak. We can repeat namam. Same merit. Same merit. Many people will come hear to enjoy. Now, when they are enjoying, when they hear suddenly the Divine Name, the transcendental name now touching their ears, then they will get some change in them that cannot be realized in years now. And it will come them to be devotee, be humble and to be peaceful and to be happy.

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