Vrindavan now to get Holi Mahotsav: Tourism Dep’t

Holi, The Festival of Colors, India
Holi, The Festival of Colors, India

On the lines of Agra’s signature event Taj Mahotsav and a similar one in Lucknow, UP tourism department has planned to promote the most important festival of Braj region, Holi, on a much grander scale this year.

The department plans to showcase its famous ‘Braj ki Holi’ to international tourists and has decided to hold a day-long carnival in Vrindavan in March where different forms of the festival will be on display.

“We have two dates in mind – March 16 or 19. The final date will be announced after a meeting with the department’s secretary. The occasion will be given a place in the tourism department’s calendar of events in Vrindavan,” said tourist officer (Vrindavan) Anupam Srivastav, talking to TOI.

Braj is famous for its different forms of Holi ranging from ‘lathmar Holi’, ‘ladoo Holi’, ‘Barsana ki Holi and ‘horanga’ among others. Srivastav added that local artists will be employed to display these different forms of the festival.

The programme and the venue are under consideration at present. However, the aim is to garner international publicity through foreign tourists visiting Vrindavan during the week-long festivities.

Last year around five lakh tourists came to Vrindavan during this period, out of which around 50,000 were foreigners. Many of them stay here and participate in the celebrations, while others specially come here from Delhi NCR. “We hope that they will publicize this Braj festival in their respective countries after going back,” Srivastav added.

The official informed TOI that the idea to hold this unique carnival came from the fact Mathura-Vrindavan does not have any signature event like Agra (Taj Mahotsav), Lucknow Mahotsav and Varanasi (Ganga Mahotsav during Diwali). “We hope to make it a regular feature from this year on,” he added.

The event will be publicized in the region and adjoining areas through FM channels. A documentary film also be made on ‘Braj ki Holi’, officials added.

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